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The Representation Learning Lab (RELEA) led by Prof. Dr. Josif Grabocka was founded in 01.12.2019 and focuses on exploring Deep Learning representations to tackle diverse Machine Learning tasks arising in practical data-driven application domains. In particular, the lab is focused on Neural Architecture Search, Hyper-Parameter Optimization, as well as designing end-to-end architectures for sequential data (time-series) and Recommender System prediction tasks.





Recent News

Article icon.   30.07.2020   Prof. Grabocka receives a research grant of 300.000 Euro by the Eva Mayr-Stihl Stiftung.

Article icon.   01.07.2020   Michael Ruchte and Arlind Kadra join RELEA as Doctoral Researchers.

Article icon.   01.12.2019   Josif Grabocka is appointed as an Assistant Professor of Representation Learning at the University of Freiburg, marking the beginning of the RELEA lab.